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Wall Mounted TV Component Stand

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 6:55 pm
by ricwag48
I built this component stand after seeing one online that didn't have all the features I wanted. I wanted drawers and DVD starage but most of all they were all built out of particle board. I am an Oak person so this stand is built out of Hardwood and Luan Oak and has drawers, DVD starage on the bottom, hidden cavity in back to hide all component wiring and power supply accessable through removable panels behind DVD starage area and is mounted to the wall using the French Cleat method (one board fixed to unit with 45 Deg. cut and one board fixed to wall using a 45 deg. cut the two 45 cuts matched together).I also made a removable grill cloth to cover the center surround speaker. If I build another one in the future I will add anaother panel at the end to install the base speaker into. In pic 4 you see a shelf sitting on unit which was considered to wrap the TV but I decided not to use it.
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